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Henley Festival

15th - 19th September 2021

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Henley Festival is an exclusive boutique black-tie festival that takes place over five days celebrating the best of UK and International music and arts. The festival is a truly unique event. It embraces a vibrant programme from pop to world music, classical to jazz where art and gastronomy share equal billing with music.

Supporting young local emerging talent and local charities is something organisers are all proud to be a part of, because the community helps define and helps shape what they do with the festival and their charities every year.

Everyone that comes into contact with the festival is important, be it a member of the team, a performing artist, a guest, or someone that benefits from the support of any of the chosen charities.

Never losing touch with the reason why the festival has been set up in the first place – to give others, the support and opportunity to feel special too.