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Booking direct means that we can plan your stay from start to finish and ensure every part is the 5-star service you expect.

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Cliveden Club

A social and country club like no other

For over 350 years Cliveden has been a place of intrigue and glamour, frequented by the politicians, musicians, artists and socialites that shaped our history. To this day Cliveden House remains a popular choice for those seeking exclusivity and luxury with its sensuous spa, delicious dining and house full of history and intrigue.


Your lifestyle, your club

In the realm of timeless elegance embodied by Cliveden House, a dwelling of such extraordinary beauty naturally finds itself at the heart of countless historical moments. Ever since the 1930s, when the influential 'Cliveden Set' convened within these illustrious walls, Cliveden House has continued to host distinguished guests, from the regal presence of royalty to statesmen like Winston Churchill, as well as vibrant personalities such as the indomitable Nancy Astor. From duels to political scandals, Cliveden's history is steeped in glamour, intrigue, and drama.

The true charm and allure of Cliveden House can only be fully appreciated by those who experience it. The elegant surroundings, historical intrigue, culinary excellence, luxurious facilities, and unmatched service all contribute to its charm. Yet, it is the people—fellow members and the dedicated team—that truly define the unique essence of the Cliveden Club.


Member Benefits

As a Cliveden Club Member, experience an exciting calendar of social events, full use of the Cliveden Spa facilities which include indoor and outdoor heated pools, a state of the art gym, a tennis centre and an inspiring collection of fitness classes. Feel privileged beyond the spa with preferential rates giving you access to Cliveden's luxurious accommodation, cruising on the River Thames and the finest dining as well as exclusives from our retail partners.

Types of Membership

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