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The Cliveden Body Collection

  • The fragrances and attributes of the Cliveden Range have been inspired by two of Cliveden’s most famous ladies – No.1 being Nancy Astor and No.2 being Anna Maria, lover of the second Duke of Buckingham who built Cliveden. Nancy Astor was known for her energy, poise and vigour and her range, No.1, reflects those characteristics with its uplifting blend of Fruit Blossom, Jasmine, Wild Mint & Lily. Anna Maria’s No.2 range reflects her strong, sensuous nature and combines Black Rose with Cedar wood to calm and envelop the senses.

    Our exclusive range of Cliveden Spa products and the Cliveden nail varnish range are available to purchase from the spa.

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Sarah Chapman

  • Skincare authority Sarah Chapman is London’s most sought after facialist, because we’re dedicated to selecting the finest suppliers, you can experience her extraordinarily efficacious, award-winning Skinesis® range here at The Cliveden Spa. She has combined her desire to create truly transformative products with twenty years of industry knowledge. Her chic and discreet Skinesis clinic in Chelsea has become the ultimate destination for those pursuing perfect skin. Chapman’s expertise and luxury line of facial products is closely followed by A-list celebrities, beauty editors and socialites the world over, and we feel honoured to give our guests the chance to experience the most supreme facial treatments.

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  • The name 'OSKIA' is derived from the ancient Greek for Delivering Nutrients' & 'Beauty'. The luxurious formulations are designed using clinical bio-actives to give you a beautifully healthy & glowing complexion. We have incorporated these into a specific treatment collection to ensure you feel the benefits of each of the products' valuable properties. OSKIA has over 100 international product and brand awards under its belt, therefore we had no qualms in selecting it as our most prominent product supplier, with a confidence that you’re going to feel truly rejuvenated.

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Taylor Morris Eyewear

  • Created by best friends Hugo and Charlie who share a similar aesthetic appreciation but also a huge passion for eyewear, particularly the styles of the late 50's, 60's and 70's where iconic stars of stage and screen took sunglasses beyond an object of function into one that communicated style and personality.

    From tortoiseshell aviators to round frames via the classic cat eye, explore Taylor Morris's wide vintage-style range now available in The Cliveden Spa retail space.

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Halcyon Days

  • Halcyon Days have been producing high quality bespoke bangles for over 60 years and are offering a tailored product range for Iconic Luxury Hotels.

    Tradition is at the heart of everything that Halcyon Days does. As the guardian of enamelling, their team of highly skilled craftsmen and master artists employ refined techniques that have been handed down for generations.

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  • Varley delivers a fusion of design-led and innovative apparel for women across the globe allowing a feeling of confidence and focus. Their ethos; 'good things come to those who sweat' is a mantra that we aim to emphasise across our active programme. The garments are streamlined and elegant with a mixture of playful yet subtle prints.

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Ultimate Library

  • Literature is at the heart of the Cliveden’s heritage, that’s why we feel passionate to provide an engaging and inspiring collection of books enabling you to escape, allowing you a feeling of ultimate relaxation. The Ultimate Library enables us to deliver this intention, with a consistently evolving collection of reading material. Dedicated to building us a bespoke assortment that reflects Cliveden, its history and its beautiful setting; we are very proud to have the Ultimate Library on board as one of our many esteemed suppliers.

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Love Brand

  • Vanity Fair summed up another one of our suppliers simply as 'Nice shorts, good karma'. Founders Oliver & Rose were inspired to create Love Brand & Co after discovering a love of the beach & wildlife that they shared. Together they started the swimwear label with a loving ethos to try and help save elephants from the threat of extinction to the world. These vibrant and creative shorts are designed for both men and boys, meaning that little ones can follow in their father's footsteps when splashing about in the water.

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Daisy Jewellery

  • Delicate, feminine & whimsical motifs make accessories from Daisy Jewellery the perfect gift or simply a charming feature to your outfit. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with the London-based brand and are delighted to be able to stock their beautiful British products in The Cliveden Spa for you to indulge in a little retail therapy.

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Lucas Hugh

  • Lucas Hugh is based on a unity of technical performance and style. The luxury fitness fashion brand captures the essence of modern women today who are keen to invest in versatile clothing that carry energy and poise beyond the gym. Here in The Cliveden Spa, we have carefully selected this label to complement women and their needs here whilst enjoying our top-of-the-range fitness facilities.

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Heidi Klein

  • Heidi Klein's Notting Hill boutique is evocative of a Hampton’s retreat with its whitewashed wood adorned with palm leaves, bleached coral, driftwood, complete with the delicate scent of coconut. We want to recreate the spirit of vacation here at The Cliveden Spa by offering this collection of luxury swimwear. Relax poolside of the last outdoor listed swimming pool in Britain before dipping in and out of the water in true style.


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  • With a British DNA and a global ambition, we consider Castore as the perfect men’s fitness clothing supplier that is both dynamic and technically innovative. It is the world’s first premium sportswear brand specifically for men, targeting only the most discerning athletes who value the attention-to-detail and precision performance features that underpin all garments. Creating products for individuals who simply won’t settle for second best, Castore emphasises our intentions for the highest quality across the board in The Cliveden Spa.

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