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Why book direct?

Booking direct means that we can plan your stay from start to finish and ensure every part is the 5-star service you expect.

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Leave with a stronger team than you arrived with

Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt
Explore the stunning and historic grounds of the hotel and surrounding areas, while uncovering the secrets of a Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt. The Treasure Hunt sees guests set off on an on-foot mission to visit the set way-points and complete a series of challenges. Using our Google Nexus 7 tablets with in-built GPS technology and bespoke treasure hunt software, guests will have to call upon a variety of skills in order to complete challenges from photo missions to general knowledge in order to gain as many points as possible.

The Italian Job
Armed with the keys to their very own Mini Coopers and a briefcase containing a state of the art Nexus 7 tablet with in-built GPS, teams will set off on a mission of discovery and intrigue. With a variety of tasks and challenges, as well as some questionable characters to meet along the way, it will be up to guests to work out if these loveable rogues are a help or a hindrance in the completion of their mission. This fast and furious themed treasure hunt is a high energy, laugh-out-loud team building event that will be remembered for years to come.

Bigger Picture
This classic and effective team building event sees guests working together to create art on a massive scale. The group will be split into small teams and tasked with creating different sections of a replica masterpiece. Harder than it sounds, it will soon become apparent, with the help of an experienced facilitator, that communication and focus on the ‘bigger picture’ is key.

Ultimate Challenge
A fantastic mix of physical, mental and skills based challenges, this event will see teams working together at high speed from beginning to end. At the start of the event each team will be presented with a box containing a variety of mysterious activities that they must successfully work through in order to gain as many points as possible. While some of the tasks will appear straight forward, with the pressure of the clock it’s never as easy as it seems. Teams will have to work strategically and communicate effectively to make sure they complete each challenge successfully, all under the watchful eye of an adjudicator.

Murder Mystery 
Steeped in history, Cliveden House is the perfect setting for an evening of action and intrigue with our Murder Mystery. After the opening scene and introduction to the Senior Detective, guests will need to use their powers of deduction to unmask the culprit. As the drama unfolds, throughout the evening further evidence will be unveiled, hints dropped and instructions given. It is up to the guests to retrieve information from their fellow guests – asking the right question to the right person can be the key to success, but beware of being deceived!

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