OSKIA Facials

This range of treatments has been designed to complement and accentuate OSKIA’s multi-award winning nutritional skincare range. The holistic approach combines bespoke anti-ageing techniques, drawing on traditional knowledge such as acupressure, specialist massage, reflex and lymph drainage, as well as elements such as gentle enzyme and AHA peeling that will leave the skin, body and mind rejuvenated and glowing.

These treatments instantly boost skin health whilst improving tone and texture, and deliver an immediate natural glow and lasting benefits. They build on OSKIA’s unique approach to boosting skin health and improving the complexion through a combination of topically applied essential cell nutrients
and pioneering beauty actives, and bespoke facial massage techniques and equipment. These highly effective treatments will ensure that even the most tired complexions come alive and skin is left feeling radiant and luminous.

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Please note that treatments are currently only available to our members, guests or pre-booked spa days.